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This page has been created for links that you may find of interest, especially if you are into genealogy or just finding out more about your family. I started by just searching the Internet for the name of Fetterman. I came across multiple hits of course, some good and some not so good.

One cousin asked "How do you go about researching your family?" I guess the best place to start is with your immediate family and work backwards from there. Family pictures that have been identified help tremendously, and most importantly, talk to your family—all of them—and write down what they tell you. You can also visit cemeteries where you have relatives buried. It is interesting what you will find at a cemetery, especially where there was a child who died as a baby that may have never been talked about.

Listed below are different websites you may find of interest. There are some websites that are free and some you must pay to use. Of course, you can always go to your local library where there are special genealogy links set up. Should you find any of the links not working please notify me.

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