Fetterman Family Pictures
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Here are various pictures of our Fetterman family. More will be added and please have patience while they all load.
Above, an undated photo of Lafayette Fetterman. My question is: Was he selling the stallion or just showing him off? Maybe putting him out for stud?
Alta, Marie, Russell, Jennie, Lafayette and Anna Moaria Fetterman - 1910
Here is a picture taken of Alta, Marie, Russell, aunt Kate Fetterman Lindemuth, and their grandparents Lafayette and Anna Moaria Fetterman in front of their home in Centralia. Lafayette and Anna Moaria were married December 26, 1861, in Numidia, PA, and bought their home in Centralia on April 19, 1866. They were the parents of Allen Ellsworth, Hannah Bessie, Catherine Ann, William Clinton, and Charles Oscar. Lafayette was a veteran of the Civil War and was pensioned as an invalid in 1892. This picture was taken around 1910. Lafayette and Anna Moaria are buried in the St. Paul's Lutheran/Reformed German Union Cemetery in Numidia, PA.


To the right is Marie's mother, Jennie. This is an undated photo and a wild guess would be that it was taken at the time of her graduation.


The picture below is one of Marie's parents, Charles Oscar and Jennie Fetterman and five of their 12 children. Standing on the bench is Adda Toleatha Fetterman, but we are unsure as to the identities of the boys. Standing to the rear is Charles' sister Catherine Ann Fetterman. Charles Oscar and Jennie are also buried in the St. Paul's Lutheran/Reformed German Union Cemetery in Numidia, PA.

Jennie Toleatha Ressler Fetterman
Charles & Jennie Fetterman and Family with Aunt Kate

Marie, Russell Alton, Jennie Alta, Adda Toleatha, Lafayette Ressler, and Charles Oscar Fetterman

As Russell was a baby when this photo was taken, I would judge Marie to be at least ten in this picture and probably closer to eleven.

The kids were born as follows:

Marie Catherine Fetterman - June 18, 1898
Jennie Alta Fetterman - March 17, 1900
Lafayette Ressler Fetterman, August 19, 1901
Charles Oscar Fetterman - January 25, 1903
Ada Toleatha Fetterman - November 3, 1905
Russell Alton Fetterman - May 8, 1908

Jennie died of injuries she received in a car accident on March 10, 1967, when Great Uncle Charles was hit by a car that ran a stop sign at 7th & Chew Streets in Allentown. Mary Jane went to visit Lafayette and Dorothy in Canton, OH.
Russell Alton & Charles Oscar Fetterman - 1915
Charles Oscar & Josephine Bonenberger Fetterman
Such handsome boys in this picture! Charles and Josephine had no children. This picture was taken in Centralia.
Adda Toleatha Fetterman - bench
Marie Catherine Fetterman - graduation photo
Toleatha (November 3, 1905 - September 6, 1964) as a young child. It is obvious that their grandmother loved bows!
This is another photo of Marie which was taken at her high school graduation. How pretty she was as a young woman!

Adda Toleatha Fetterman - Glamour Photo

Adda Toleatha Fetterman - WACS
Above is Toleatha when she served in the WACS during World War II.

Here is another picture of Toleatha. They say that she acted in a picture with Fatty Arbuckle and Lillian Geish. I am trying to confirm this.

She was quite pretty and died way too young. She was married to William Thomas when she died, and she is buried in the St. Paul's United Church of Christ Cemetery close to her parents.

Kloma Fetterman Steveskey - Baby Picture
Kloma Fetterman Steveskey
Above, Great Aunt Kloma as a baby. At 91 years now, she is still active and likes to visit the casinos close to her. Kloma's daughter Alverta. She and Aunt Kloma live together in Arizona.
Blanche Yeager & Russell Fetterman
Copy of Russell and Blanche Yeager Fetterman's Wedding Certificate
Russell and Blanche and a copy of their marriage certificate. They went to Elkton, Maryland, to marry and they settled in Dundalk, Maryland, where they raised their family. There is documentation where Fettermans and Yeagers are married throughout several generations.
Lois Elaine Fetterman Spencer - May 9, 1944 - May 14, 1991
William Russell Fetterman
Blanche and Russell's daughter, Lois Elaine, who fought and lost her battle with breast cancer at the very young age of 47. I found her name listed at the Breast Cancer Wall of Courage, where someone had lit a candle in her memory. Above is a graduation photo of Bill Fetterman, son of Blanche and Russell Fetterman.
John William Fetterman, WW II photo
John & Sarah Henderson Fetterman
It looks as though all of our boys went into the Navy during the war. Above is an undated photo of Marie's brother John Willian and his wife Sarah Henderson.
Carl Grant Fetterman, Jennie Fetterman & Granddaughter Alverta Wesner
Carl Grant Fetterman - October 20, 1925 - August 22, 1998
Above is an undated picture of Jennie with her youngest son, Carl, and granddaughter Alverta Wesner. Jennie was 44 when Carl was born in 1925, so she must have been close to 60 when this picture was taken. High school photo of Carl Grant Fetterman. Carl previously lived in Baltimore, MD, before relocating to Arizona.
Marie & Mary Jane Patterson, Florence Ressler, Betsy Lechner, Bill Ressler, Kloma Steveskey - Grass Valley, CA - 1974
Catherine Ann Fetterman Lindenmuth - August 4, 1869 - March 11, 1935
Above is a photo of Marie with her daughter Mary Jane on a visit out west. They were visiting the Ressler relations. The Fettermans and Resslers are intermarried among generations. The story of Aunt Kate is that she married late in life, and her husband Grant died suddenly. She was so despondent over his death that she jumped in the well and broke her neck. Her nephew Jimmy had to bring her out.
Clarence & Dorothy Elizabeth Fetterman Moesle
Aunt Betsy with her first husband Carl. He passed away September 21, 1966, at the age of 48. They lived in Canton, Ohio, at the time. Aunt Betsy with second husband Clarence where they lived in Scottsdale, AZ. She was still a pretty lady in her later years. Betsy passed away in December 1980.
Emma Shemonis and Louis Fetterman with daughters Patty and Shirley - 1943
Carl Grant & James Orson Fetterman with unidentified friend
Above, a picture of Emma and Louis with two of their four children in Canton, Ohio. Today they live in St. Petersburg, FL.
Above, a picture of Carl Grant and James Orsen Fetterman with unidentified friend in the rear. What a car!
James Orsen & Virgil Arlene Wagner Fetterman - 1940
Jim, Phyllis, Carl, Sharon & Becky Fetterman - 1958
Above, Jimmy and his wife Virgil the year after they were married. Jimmy and Virgil's children. Thanks so much for sending these pictures Jim!
Carl and Ann with Jimmy's daughter Phyllis in Canton, Ohio, before they relocated to Baltimore.
The above picture is an undated photo that obviously has a Fetterman or two in it. I am thinking that maybe it is the girl who is fourth from the left in the front or the middle girl in the back row standing next to the teacher. The girls were all blondes as children and Great Granny Fetterman loved them with bows in their hair. What do you think?
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