Patterson Pictures
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This is an undated photo of John Erwin Patterson with his sisters Elizabeth and Adah. The sisters were forever interfering in John's relationships with other women.
Aunt “Lizzy” took Mary Jane for a visit with her on a free weekend. It seems that Aunt Elizabeth cared only for Mary Jane and Adah and had no regard for the other children.
Here is another undated photo of all Marie's children at home for a visit after Marie moved to Chew Street.
Richard Patterson
Pictured above: Dick enjoys a ride on the sidewalk out back.
Here is a photo of Mary Jane on a horse. This picture may have been taken in Delano. She has the same serious look here as the one we are all familiar with. Adorable, isn't she? This is a wonderful picture of Lois and Liz to say nothing of the most joyous of occasions for which it was taken. I think these sisters could have very well been beauty queens in their day!
Three sisters just enjoying the day!

Here is another picture of Liz on a horse. Liz was quite a blondie here. It looks to be the very same horse that Mary Jane' picture was taken on. The poor horse was probably worn out after all these pictures were taken!

Lois, Naomi, George and Jack at the Odd Fellows Home, Sunbury, PA, 1938
Richard Patterson and his wife Ruth

Above, Dick with his sweetie!


To the right, it is easy to see in this photo why Jack was called "Mush Mouth!"
Lois & Albert Tomek, October 19, 1974
The above picture was taken at a wedding Lois and Albert attended in Edison, NJ. The horse must have been absolutely exhausted by the time this picture was taken!
Mary Jane, Naomi Ruth & Lois Mae Patterson, April 1942
Arlene Mae Bohner Patterson - April 8, 1929 - June 1987
The girls went for a Sunday afternoon ride in April 1942 when this was taken. Mr. Fritch took this picture.
Arlene's graduation picture.
Here we have a picture of some of clan welcoming in the New Year. Seated to the left are Lois and Albert Tomek. Marie is standing with a beer in her hand, and next to her is Levi Gehris, one of her boarders. "Hymie" drinking out of the bottle, and standing next to him is Albert's cousin Jack.
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