Family Accounts - Descendants of Anna Rosine Fetterman & Heinrich Gernhardt

Milton Taylor Donmoyer (5)
b. August 8, 1848

Milton Taylor Donmoyer (5)Son of Hannah Gernert (4) and Benjamin Donmoyer, Milton married Hannah E. Springer in January 1869. They made their home in Kutztown, PA, and three children were born of this marriage:

    1. Charles Benjamin (6), born September 29, 1870, died July 14, 1871;
    2. Jennie Elizabeth (6), born March 28, 1873; and
    3. William Augustus (6), born April 8, 1875.

“Served three years as a member of the Prison Board of Berks County, and was afterwards appointed postmaster of Kutztown under President Harrison, serving five years. Was a harness-maker by occupation, and still kept up the business while postmaster, but also spent about ten years of his life as a dealer in cattle. His reminiscences as a drover are very interesting, but to appreciate and enjoy them fully he must himself be heard relate them. Although the youngest of the family, he wanted to go and help his brothers Frank, Lewis, and Rudy crush the rebellion, and made a break for the front, but his guardian started after him and brought him back, insisting that three brothers in the army at one time was enough for one family. Industrious and frugal, he has accumulated something to make the struggle of life easier in old age” (from Heinrich Gernhardt and His Descendants, pg. 166).

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