Family Accounts - Descendants of Anna Rosine Fetterman & Heinrich Gernhardt

Catharine Gernert Hinterleiter (4)
February 8, 1808 - November 12, 1881

Mrs. Catharine Gernert Hinterleiter (4)Daughter of Catherine Siegfried and John Gernert (3). Catharine married Daniel Hinterleiter, of Maxatawny, Pennsylvania, on February 27, 1827, and had:

  1. Jacob, born July 4, 1827, died February 12, 1901;
  2. Joshua, born March 1, 1829;
  3. Maria E., December 24, 1833, died June 2, 1899;
  4. Eliza, born February 6, 1835, died June 27, 1864;
  5. Finana E., born March 4, 1837, died August 30, 1891;
  6. John G., born May 18, 1839;
  7. Sara A., September 25, 1841;
  8. William G., born April 11, 1844, died July 3, 1903;
  9. Daniel, born May 14, 1846; and
  10. Charles Alfred, born November 30, 1848, died May 13, 1901.

“Both were buried in the cemetery at Kutztown. When a boy back in the forties and early fifties it was my happy privilege to visit with this hospitable aunt and uncle, and their large family of boys and girls, in their cheerful home on their beautiful farm of 150 acres, in the fertile limestone district three miles east of Kutztown. The farm was first owned by uncle’s grandfather, Mathias Hinterleiter, who bought it of Nicholas Muffly, in 1767. It descended to his father, Jacob, then to Uncle Daniel, and still continued in the family name. Uncle was a thrifty farmer, kept everything about his premises clean and in good order, thought brier and brush-grown fence rows an abomination, and his barn, wagons, pigs, horses and cattle were all evidence of scrupulous care, tireless industry and good living. The provident habits, patience and perseverance for which the Pennsylvania Germans have always been noted were dominant traits of this once happy family, the majority of whom have already passed over the mystic river to the land of rest and silence—and I now look back with a melancholy pleasure to the days I spent with them so delightfully in their peaceful and cheerful home” (from Heinrich Gernhardt and His Descendants, pg. 167).

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