Family Accounts - Descendants of Anna Rosine Fetterman & Heinrich Gernhardt

William G. Hinterleiter (5)
April 11, 1844 - July 3, 1903

Son of Catherine Gernert (4) and Daniel Hinterleiter, William married Kate S. Bear of Oley, PA, on December 10, 1874, and five children were born of this marriage:

  1. Irene Viola (6), born October 29, 1875;
  2. Asher Vincent (6), born October 25, 1876—died November 30, 1876;
  3. Florence May (6), born May 25, 1878;
  4. Raymond William (6), born July 6, 1883;
  5. Arthur Bear (6), born September 13, 1885; and
  6. Mabel Katie (6), born September 2, 1880—July 20, 1890.

“…Residence in Kutztown, Pa., where he keeps a well stocked dry goods store. Also has a D. G. store at Hazleton, Pa., in which fifteen clerks are employed. Is a director of the Kutztown National Bank, and is interested in the silk mill of the place. Has for many years led the choir of the Kutztown Trinity Church. Owns the Hinterleiter Homestead, which has been in the possession of the family nearly 140 years, and, as he has several sons, may remain in the family name many years longer.

“[This part of the family history was completed when the sad word came of the death of our esteemed relative, William G. Hinterleiter, of Bright’s disease, on the 3d day of July, 1903. He from time to time manifested great interest in this work, and it is seriously regretted that he was not permitted to see it in print. That he was eminently worthy of the eulogium that acquaintance and esteem would have prompted writing of him, is verified by the following excerpts from a lengthy obituary notice in the Kutztown Patriot:

‘He was one of the most popular men in town, and identified with all the town's best interests for so many years that he was looked upon by everybody as one of the safe leaders in all public and private enterprises.

‘Seeing that Kutztown was destined to become an important business place, he abandoned the general store business, remodeled his store, making it one of the most attractive and commodious outside of the larger cities, and established an up-to-date dry goods store, which became widely known and was well patronized by all the country around.

‘Trinity choir, under his leadership, was one of the best church choir organizations in this section, the music rendered being of a high order.

‘For his many virtues, his genial nature, and his estimable qualities of mind and heart, he was respected by all who knew him.

‘Being one of the original founders of Trinity Lutheran congregation, he occupied a leading place in its affairs from the beginning up to the time of his death, laboring diligently for the best interests of the church, and often at the sacrifice of personal comfort.

‘To him alone may be ascribed the honors for the erection of the handsome Trinity Church, which may serve as a memorial to him for that one act.

‘He had a number of young men as clerks during the past 25 years, all of whom regarded him with a tender affection and all made periodical visits to his home, a pleasant duty.

‘During the funeral the entire town paid its respects to the deceased by refraining from all business. Stores, etc., were closed and the church was filled to its utmost capacity.’] ”

(from Heinrich Gernhardt and His Descendants, pp. 171-172)

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