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Lydia Sieger Gernerd (6)
June 5, 1868 - November 18, 1893

Lydia Sieger Gernard (6), June 5, 1868 - November 18, 1893Daughter and only child of Louise C. Sieger and Jeremiah M. M. Gernerd (5).

“Lydia, in August, 1893, fell from a swing while at a picnic, from which accident—though not at first regarded as serious—a three months illness resulted. An internal abscess developed, everything was done for her that medical experience advised, a surgical operation was resorted to, but there was no relief until death came and ended her sufferings. I can not trust myself to write what my heart would dictate of one so dutiful and appreciative, whose life was so dear to her parents, but I copy the following from a notice of her—written by a friend who knew her intimately all her life—that appeared immediately after her death in the Muncy Luminary:

“ ‘Few deaths have occurred in our community that awakened the sympathy and caused such universal sorrow as that of Lydia Sieger Gernerd, who passed away at 7 o’clock on the eve of November 18, 1893, after weeks of painful illness, which she bore with heroic fortitude, all the time contending she never would get well, but manifested no fear of death.

“ ‘She was the only child of J. M. M. and Louisa S. Gernerd, and was born in Muncy, June 5, 1868, and brought up by her parents in the most careful and painstaking manner, with every wish gratified, whether “uttered or unexpressed,” and she repaid them with an affectionate attachment and lovingness, manifested by her obedience and assistance as a dutiful daughter and a fondness for her home. * * * It would be ungenerous and ungrateful to withhold giving voice to the many noble qualities that adorned the whole life of Lydia S. Gernerd—happy, amiable, generous and confiding, she won hosts of friends, and was a leading spirit among her companions, who mourn her loss with a deep, unutterable sorrow. She was a worker in the church, Sunday school, benevolent societies, and among the King’s Daughters was one of the most active. For several years she was organist in St. James’ P. Episcopal Church, and her touch and renditions were so pleasing that there was universal regret when she resigned.

“ ‘Her pilgrimage here was short, but by labors of love she well fulfilled the ministries of life, and we treasure up in our memories many incidents of a pleasing kind connected with this bright, winsome girl, whose speaking lips the Angel of Death hath so cruelly closed, but set a seal of Peace upon her brow, for if ever a dead face told of perfect Rest and Peace, that of Lydia’s did, as she lay in her handsome casket upon a bed of roses and white carnations—(her mother's tribute)—while all around her were heaped the most beautiful floral gifts of affection from friends, relatives and societies. The last sad rites took place from her home at 3:30 o’clock on Tuesday afternoon, where hundreds of her friends assembled to take a last look upon all that was mortal of Lydia S. Gernerd. * * * When the funeral cortege reached the cemetery, there too had the hands of affection been busy, beautifying the open grave and upturned earth with lovely flowers, so her last resting place was amid the beautiful blossoms she so loved to imitate upon canvas when living, but now

“ ‘Death lies on her like an untimely frost
Upon the sweetest flower of all the field.’ ”

(from Heinrich Gernhardt and His Descendants, pp. 182-183).

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