Family Accounts - Descendants of Anna Rosine Fetterman & Heinrich Gernhardt

Margaret Rebecca Litchard Clemons (4)
b. October 22, 1822

Margaret Rebecca Litchard Clemons (4)Margaret married James J. Clemons of Conesus, NY, on January 13, 1842, and twelve children were born of this marriage:

  1. Royal Rowland, born August 5, 1843;
  2. William Byron, born September 14, 1844, died December 27, 1848;
  3. Julius Edgar, born July 19, 1846;
  4. George Melvin, born August 20, 1848, died October 30, 1850;
  5. Luthena M., born March 11, 1850, died May 20, 1850;
  6. James Elmer, born November 1, 1851;
  7. Leila Alberta, born July 16, 1853;
  8. Adilla Lenora, born October 22, 1855;
  9. Loretta Elsie, born April 10, 1857;
  10. Martha Luthera, born October 16, 1858;
  11. Clarence Rafella, born April 16, 1861; and
  12. Ernest E., born September 3, 1863.

“She is the only one now living of the ten children of Margaret and John Litchard, and is one of the few sole present survivors of the third generation of the family of Heinrich Gernhardt. With her husband and children she moved from Burns, N. Y., in 1870, to Dickinson County, Kansas, and settled, and she still lives, on a very fertile farm of 480 acres, in a beautiful prairie country, near Sultphen, on Chapman Creek, ten miles east of the Republican River. The famous old ‘Pikes Peak Trail,’ around which many memories still cluster, crossed their land, traces of the trail being still visible. An almost constant stream of emigrants commenced to flow over this route in the spring of 1859, and continued for several years, to the newly discovered gold placers in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. Margaret’s children, as she once wrote me, all live within a day’s drive of her home. In closing one of her esteemed letters she said: ‘Providence has dealt kindly with us, for which we try to be thankful’ ” (from Heinrich Gernhardt and His Descendants, published 1904, pg. 253).

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