Family Accounts - Descendants of Anna Rosine Fetterman & Heinrich Gernhardt

Daniel Garnhart (4)
May 22, 1825

Son of Anna C. Esbach and Baltzer Garnhart (3), Daniel married Susan Treon, a younger sister of Lydia, wife of John Fogleman, on February 6, 1851, and of this marriage, ten children were born:

  1. Elizabeth Rejinah, born January 4, 1852;
  2. George Treon, born April 22, 1853;
  3. Margaret Ellen, born September 23, 1855;
  4. Mary Etta, born August 14, 1857;
  5. Levi Henry, born March 20, 1859;
  6. John Albert, born December 23, 1861;
  7. William Thomas, born March 16, 1864;
  8. Samuel Edwards, born May 8, 1866, died August 16, 1866;
  9. Susannah, born January 7, 1868, died July 18, 1895; and
  10. Crissa Alida May, born October 23, 1875.

“They lived and raised their large family on a subdivision of his father’s farm, but since her death he has his home with their daughter, Mary Etta Bergerstock, and her husband, who own and now live on a farm adjoining. Before his wife died Daniel had become totally blind, in some respects perhaps a greater affliction at his age than if he had never known the inestimable blessing of good eyesight. He is now the sole survivor of Baltzer’s household, and the last living member of the third generation still in the neighborhood of the Sinking Springs and the old family burying ground. He has always lived a quiet, even and unpretentious life, and is esteemed as a good and upright citizen. I have known ‘Uncle Dan’ for a number of years, and have always liked him for his general manner, his uniform good nature and cheerful disposition, and his fidelity to what he believes in. He was Overseer of the Poor upwards of seventeen years, but could serve no longer because overtaken by the affliction of blindness.” (from Heinrich Gernhardt and His Descendants, published 1904, pg. 283).

Daniel Garnhart (5) Seated between Daughter Etta (6) and her husband Albert Bergerstock and Granddaughter May Susan Bergerstock (7)
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