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Twenty-nine descendants (all being of the fifth generation of Balthasar Fetterman) of Anna Rosine Fetterman and Heinrich Gernhardt enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War. Most of these kinsmen were still under age—indeed boys—when they put on suits of blue, shouldered guns or buckled on sabres, and heavily equipped with canteens, haversacks, knapsacks, shelter tents and blankets, started campaigning down in Dixie as soldiers. Another four descendants (sixth generation) served in the Spanish-American War.

At the time the book Heinrich Gernhardt and His Descendants, written by Jeremiah M. M. Gernerd, was published in 1904, all but four or five members were still living. The accounts that follow were all written by Jeremiah, and there was no need to rewrite or refine any of these. The links below will take you to the pages of 23 of these personal accounts of service.

Jacob Garnet branch:

  1. Philip Garnett, Co. I, 126th Reg’t N. Y. V. I.
  2. Charles Peter Lilley, Co. B, 177th Reg’t. Ohio V. I.
  3. Washington Garnhart, Co. H, 84th O. V. I. and Co. F, 163d O.
  4. Samuel Garnhart, Co. I, 15th O. V. I.; died of disease contracted in service.
  5. Ezra Lloyd Eckis, Co. M, 8th Reg’t O. V. I.—in Cuban War.
  6. Chauncey Wichterman, Co. H, 151st N. Y. V. I.

Philip Garnhart branch:

  1. Adam Porter Mecum, 23d Ind. Heavy Artillery.
  2. Oren Lyman Cole, Co. B, 13th Minn.—in Phillipine War.

John Gernert branch:

  1. Lewis Donmoyer, Co. E, 17th Pa. Cav.; died of wound.
  2. Benjamin Franklin Donmoyer, One Hundred Day Service.
  3. Rudolph Wellington Donmoyer, Co. E, 17th Pa. Cav.
  4. James Gernert, Co. G, 5th Pa. V. M.—James was a member of Co. G, 5th Pa. V. M. (1862), and served during Confederate invasion of Maryland.
  5. Jeremiah M. M. Gernerd, Co. E, 37th Pa. V. M.
  6. Matthias Gernert, Co. F., 4th Pa. Cav.—Matthias served one year during the Civil War as a member of Co. F, Fourth Penn’a Cavalry, and was discharged in 1862.

Catharine Gernhardt branch:

  1. Jeremiah E. Baker, Co. H, 131st Reg’t. Pa. V. I.
  2. Daniel Wesley Fogleman, Co. K, 88th Reg’t Pa. V. I.—“At the time of the writing of the Gernhardt Family History, Daniel was residing in Williamsport, PA. He enlisted March 24, 1865, and served some months as a member of Co. K, 88th Reg’t, Pa. Vol. Infantry. As the fighting ceased soon after he entered the service, he did not learn from experience how vigorously the enemy fought in his mistaken and doomed cause” (pg. 224).
  3. Hiram A. Fogleman, Co. K, 88th Reg’t Pa. V. I.—Hiram enlisted in the 88th Reg’t, Pa. Vol. Infantry, at the same time his brother Daniel Wesley enlisted, and was honorably discharged at the same time.

Margaret Gernhardt branch:

  1. Alexander Litchard, Co. D, 86th Reg’t N. Y. V. I.
  2. Almanzo W. Litchard, New York Heavy Artillery.
  3. John B. Litchard, Co. D, First New York Dragoons.
  4. Frank Ezra Litchard, Hospital Corps of U. S. A. in Spanish-American War.
  5. Royal R. Clemons, Co. E, Ninth N. Y. Heavy Artillery.
  6. Julius E. Clemons, Co. E, Ninth N. Y. Heavy Artillery—“Julius enlisted a few days after his brother Royal, and as recruits they both at the same time joined the same company and regiment—Co. E., Ninth N. Y. H. A.—in which their cousin—Almanzo W. Litchard, served. The sketch of Royal’s service gives the important facts of Julius’ military career, as they were together in all the marches and engagements therein mentioned. All alike had the good fortune to pass through the war unharmed, and have lived to see many of the happy results of the triumph of the cause for which they fought, and would have given their lives. They helped to make the Union a World Power, a mighty and ever expanding force for the civilization, freedom and uplighting of humanity, that would have been impossible with a disunited people, ever wrangling over the curse of human bondage” (pp. 258-259).

Baltzer Garnhart branch:

  1. John B. Sees, Co. D, 7th Reg’t Pa. V. Cav.
  2. Abraham Smith Sees, Co. L, 28th Reg’t U. S. V. I.—in late War with Spain.
  3. Robert Dunn Sees, Co. B, 131st Reg’t Pa. V. I.
  4. David Porter Garnhart, Co. H, 92d Reg’t Ill. V. I.
  5. Aaron Garnhart, Co. H, 92d Reg’t Ill. V. I.—Aaron enlisted as a recruit for the company to which his brother David P. belonged, and joined the regiment at Concord, NC, but the war was almost over, and he escaped the ordeal of battle.

Anna Maria Gernhardt branch:

  1. Charles S. Williams, 18th New York Battery—Although Charles was listed as serving his country, there was no account included in the book. In doing some research, I found that he enlisted as a Private into the 18th Light Artillery Regiment, New York, on September 20, 1864 at the age of 30. On December 20, 1864, he was transferred to the 25th Battery, but as there was an excess of men, he was then transferred directly into the 26th Light Artillery Regiment, NY. He mustered out of the service on July 12, 1865, in Mobile, Alabama, and received a Distinguished Service Award. He applied for a Civil War Pension, Certificate #509481, on November 2, 1884, filed in Michigan.
  2. John Kinman, fell at Pittsburg Landing.
  3. Charles C. Kinman, 23d Kentucky Vol. I.—“After he had been in the three months’ service he re-enlisted for three years, and joined the 23d Kentucky Vol. Infantry, October 9, 1861. He passed safely through the bloody battle of Murfreesboro, but was soon afterwards disabled by an accident in camp that unfitted him for military service, and on account of which he was honorably discharged May 10, 1863” (pg. 293).
  4. Nathan T. Kinman, Co. G, 79th Pa. V. I.
  5. George W. Williams, 23d N. Y. I. B—Son of Emily A. Combs and Charles Williams, George enlisted in the 23d Independent Battery of N. Y., and died of yellow fever at Newborn, NC, October 26, 1864, aged 18 years and five months.
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