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Washington Garnhart

Washington Garnhart, Shelby, OH“Washington was twice enrolled in the Union service during the Civil War; first, May 27, 1862, for three months, in Co. H, 84th Reg’t Ohio V. I., and second, May 2, 1864, serving until Sept. 10, 1864, in Co. F, 163rd Reg’t, Ohio N. G. V., when he was discharged by reason of expiration of enlistment. In consequence of the brief term of service, and not having the required drilling, his regiment was employed as an emergency and relief force, and to perform guard duty, but he saw quite enough of war to realize its seriousness. Was in line of battle for some time near City Point, on the Saint James, at the mouth of Appomattox River, within seven miles of Petersburg, standing guard and skirmishing, in a position from which he could plainly see into that rebel stronghold, and where he was daily exhilarated by the inhospitably Johnny Rebs throwing vicious bombshells into the Union camp, utterly regardless of the consequences. The ugly missiles sometimes came too close to be of agreeable interest, especially one that exploded but a few yards from him and severed a poor negro’s head from his body. The 163d was next ordered to guard Wilson’s Landing, an important position taken by Grant and held by him until the war ended” (from Heinrich Gernhardt and His Descendants, pg. 123).

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