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Jonas Fetterman

August 18, 1817 - December 24, 1879

Mary Ann Berninger Fetterman
September 20, 1820 - March 9, 1882

St. Paul’s United Church of Christ Cemetery, Numidia, PA

Jonas and Mary Ann Berninger Fetterman

Jonas was the son of Elizabeth Saul and George Fetterman. He married the former Mary Ann Berninger April 25, 1841, and resided in Numidia. Jonas bought the farm of his father in the vicinity of Numidia shortly before George’s death which consisted of about 170 acres, and they lived and worked this farm for their entire lives. They were lifelong members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Of this marriage, nine children were born:

  1. William, b. January 16, 1842, married to Catharine Louis;
  2. Elizabeth Jane, b. January 27, 1844—d. April 28th, 1871;
  3. Mary Catharine, b. June 9, 1847;
  4. Rebecca, b. May 9, 1849, married to William Stiffnagle;
  5. Charlotte, b. June 19, 1853;
  6. Henry Haines, b. June 19, 1853—d. May 15, 1915, married to Susan A. Kirkendall;
  7. Henrietta, b. March 6, 1857—d. October 17, 1901, married to Michael C. Fetterolf;
  8. Charles M., b. June 26, 1860—d. Dec. 31st, 1879; and
  9. Josiah, b. April 26, 1865.

After the death of Jonas, his son William took over the farm.

As you can see, the stones have sunken into the ground over the years though they are still in very good condition.

Picture of headstone was taken on June 24, 2003.