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Samuel K. Fetterman
February 16, 1862 - April 26, 1941

Carolina H. Yeakel Fetterman
March 2, 1872 - April 25, 1911

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Cemetery, Old Zionsville, Lehigh County, PA

Samuel K. and Carolina H. Yeakel Fetterman

Samuel, born in Upper Milford Township, was the son of Juliana Kuhns and Levi Fetterman. After being educated in the public schools, he then attended the Mennonite College at Wadsworth, Ohio. Afterwards; he returned to the farm until 1882 when he took the full commercial course in the Eastman Business College in Poughkeepsie, New York. He graduated in the same year and returned to the farm and after 1892 personally farmed the homestead himself. In 1892, he married Caroline, daughter of Joel and Mary Heimbach Yeakel, and they had two children.

He disposed of the stock and privately sold the farm in the spring of 1911, after which he and his family resided in Vera Cruz.. In politics, he was a Democrat, and was elected justice of the peace of Upper Milford Township in 1904. He also served as a school director and was delegate to a number of county and state conventions. In the fall of 1911, he was elected county commissioner of Lehigh by a large majority. He also served in the church council of the Old Zionsville Lutheran Church for many years (from Anniversary History of Lehigh County, Vol. II, © 1914.

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