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Magdalena Flemin

St. Paul's United Church of Christ Cemetery, Numidia, PA

Magdalena Flemin

I felt a need to take a photo of this headstone as this one sits immediately next to that of Catharine Yeager and George Fetterman's headstones. As near as I can make out, she was born on May 19, 1814, but as the stone has broken or sunk into the ground, it is impossible to make out the date of her death. There was a Magdalene Fetterman, who was a child of the elder Catharine and Johann George Fetterman. The summary of his Will is as follows:

September 3, 1800 - September 24, 1801.
Provides for wife Catharine.
Estate to be sold.
Mentions a plantation (2 plantations) and divide into equal shares among children: dau. Magdalena, son Nicolas KIEFER £50 when 21, to her son John BILLIG £50 when 21. Mentions son John and daus. Elizabeth and Magdalena but there were probably other sons.
Exrs: Son John and wife Catharina.
Wits: George HAUER and William CERCHNER.

From this writing, it looks as though Magdalena was married three times: to a Kiefer and a Billig. I have done a search through the various records and have found no Flemin at all. This remains a mystery, but I have documented this stone on the chance that she may have been a Fetterman and may have been George's sister.

Picture of headstone was taken on June 27, 2003.