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Rachel Helwig
Died May 2, 1889
Aged 72 years

St. Paul's United Church of Christ Cemetery, Numidia, PA

Rachel Helwig

According to information I have seen on, Rachel was a daughter of Catherine Probst and Jacob Helwig. However, I have found a census information on the Latter Day Saints website for 1880, in which there was a Rachel Helwig, mother-in-law, living in the house of Edward Honeback, married to Mary. This leads to further speculation that this Rachel was married to a Helwig. There was no information as to the date of her birth, so one could assume that she died the same day as she was born, making her birth date May 2, 1817. There was also no other information anywhere else on the headstone indicating that anyone else was buried there besides Rachel. I will look again on my next trip back.

Picture of headstone was taken on June 27, 2003.