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Mary Fetterman Miller?
June 2, 1799 - February 2, 1885

St. Paul's United Church of Christ Cemetery, Numidia, PA

Mary Fetterman Miller

This headstone will be a challenge for me for some time to come. As you can see, it is badly broken, and when I came upon it, the top piece was actually propped up again the stone still standing. I had quite an urge to actually lay the other stone down to try to read it, but out of respect, could not bring myself to do so. It definitely looks as though it reads "Mary Fetterman Miller," but I have found no information that fits in. The rest of the information reads: Born June 2, 1799. Died February 2, 1885. Aged 86 years and 8 months.

Picture of headstone was taken on June 24, 2003.