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Catherine Ann Fetterman Lindenmuth
August 4, 1869 - March 11, 1935

St. Paul's United Church of Christ Cemetery, Numidia, PA

Catherine Ann  Fetterman Lindemuth

"Katie" was the youngest daughter of Anna Moaria Keller and Lafayette Fetterman. There are some that say her mother did not find any of the eligible bachelors suitable enough for her, and she did not marry until after her parents had died. We are uncertain as to the exact date of her marriage. She married Stephen Grant Lindemuth, who was widowed with one son.

The family story is that three or so years after her marriage to Grant, he dropped dead in front of her, and she was never "right" afterwards. She grew more and more despondent and had to be constantly watched. One day, she managed to get away, and when they finally found Katie, she had thrown herself into the well of her brother, Charles Oscar. She died as a result of breaking her neck when she jumped in the well. One aunt said that she was very stern and made you eat everything on your plate. Another aunt said that at times, she could be found in the closet holding the socks of her husband and crying into them. It is said that when she came to visit, she brought cans of food with her, and the children were fed amounts of the food in accordance with their age, the oldest child getting the most food, with the youngest receiving the least.

On a trip to the Columbia County Courthouse in Bloomsburg, we secured both the deed of her property as well as her Will. She sold her property to her brother Charles Oscar for $1 just a month before she died. Her Will was also drawn the same month, and in the Will, she left everything she had to Charles Oscar as well.

Picture documented on June 24, 2003.