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Adda Toleatha Fetterman Thomas
November 3, 1905 - September 6, 1964

St. Paul's United Church of Christ Cemetery, Numidia, PA

Adda Toleatha Fetterman Thomas

"Toleatha" was the third daughter born to Jennie Toleatha Ressler and Charles Oscar Fetterman. She married for the first time on November 26, 1926 to a man by the name of Nelson. I have no record of when they divorced, but there were no children from this marriage. She lived for a time in New York City where she pursued a career in acting, and family story is that she starred in a movie with Fatty Arbuckle. She was a member of the armed forces during World War II and shortly after discharge married for the second time William Thomas. She and Bill had no children. He buried Toleatha in close proximity to her parents.

Picture documented on June 24, 2003.