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Robert Thomas Brown
August 27, 1933 - February 5, 1995

Gardens of Faith Cemetery, Rosedale, Baltimore, MD

Robert Thomas Brown

Robert was the oldest son born to Annie Hartman and Orville Thomas Brown and was the son-in-law of Albert Lee George, Jr. Although he did not graduate from high school, he served and was honorably discharged in the U.S. Army. Upon discharge from the service, he worked for Continental Can Company. He married Patricia on January 19, 1962. Robert was very family oriented, and every weekend, he took his children to visit his parents. He also took them to church every Sunday and was very involved in their early activities. He was also a perpetual teaser. He retired early when the company was in the midst of downsizing. After his retirement, he did maintenance work for an apartment complex and also did custodial work for a number of different department stores. He was at one time a member of the Loyal Order of the Moose. Everything Robert owned, he inscribed as RTB1764, which stood for his initials and the last four digits of his Social Security Number. If you borrowed something from him, he marked it down in a book noting the item borrowed, and the date it was borrowed. Once returned, he then marked in the book the date the item was returned to him.

Robert passed away after waging a courageous battle with Lymphoma cancer. At his funeral service, the pastor told a story about Robert of how as a young man, he worked and turned his earnings over to help support his family. He wore shoes with holes in the soles of them and he would cut a piece of linoleum and put them into the shoes to get more wear out of them so his sisters had decent clothes and shoes to wear.

Picture documented on August 14, 2003.