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Alvertie Carthagina Gernert
September 5, 1873 - March 27, 1902

Greenwood Cemetery, 20th & Chew Streets, Allentown, PA

Alvertie Carthagina  Gernert

Alvertie was the third and youngest child born to Lucetta Sarah Eisenhart and Benjamin German Gernert. “Alvertie’s days of this life were ended, Thursday evening, March 27, 1902, by a most painful accident. When about to retire the evening before, she attempted to extinguish the light of a large kerosene hanging lamp, which, more than two thirds full of oil exploded, instantly covering her with the fluid and enveloping her in flames. Her mother, who was in the next room, rushed to her rescue, and desperately but vainly tried to extinguish the flames with a rug. Her sister Addie, who had gone up stairs, hearing the explosion and the cries of her sister, flew down the steps and at a glance comprehended the situation, instantly grasped a strip of carpet and tried to help her mother. Her aged father quickly followed and ran to the hydrant for water. A neighbor hearing the cries of distress, leaped over the fence of the back yard and assisted in quenching the flames that were spreading all over the room, and tried to help alleviate poor Alvertie’s distress. But the unfortunate girl was frightfully and hopelessly burned. The family physician, instantly summoned, came in haste and did everything that could be done to relieve her, but the burned surface of her body was too large to admit of recuperation, and death came within twenty-four hours as the only possible relief from her intense sufferings. Alvertie was a bright, lovely and interesting girl, a graduate of the Allentown High School, and was a popular and aspiring teacher of one of the advanced primary schools of the city. She took a lively interest in this proposed Family History, was anxious to assist me as far as she was able, and wrote me several beautiful and encouraging letters, never dreaming that it would contain this record of her mournful and premature end.” (from Heinrich Gernhardt and His Descendants, written by Jeremiah M. M. Gernerd, published 1904, pp. 199-200)

This branch of the family descends from Anna Rosina Fetterman and John Gernhardt.

Picture documented on September 14, 2003.