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Henry Herbert Fetterman
April 24, 1883 - August 19, 1969

Lillie M. Harter Fetterman
May 18, 1888 - February 8, 1966

Greenwood Cemetery, 20th & Chew Streets, Allentown, PA

Henry H. Fetterman
Lillie M. Harter Fetterman

Henry Herbert was the fourth son of Emma K. and Hiram J. Fetterman. In 1910, he was 27 years old, single, and living with his parents in Allentown, PA. He was working as a salesman selling wholesale hats. By 1920, he had married Lillie M., the oldest of three children born to Gertrude Lenker and Oscar J. P. Harter, and they were living on 7th Street in Allentown, PA. Lillie’s family was originally from Hickory Corners, PA, and from there moved to Allentown. Prior to her marriage, Lillie was a public school teacher in Allentown.

By 1923, Henry was running his own company, the H. H. Fetterman Company, that sold wholesale job hats and caps. In 1937-38, and 1942, he owned the H. H. Fetterman Company and Gold Fiberine Company, a wholesale hat company. From information received from his granddaughter, Henry’s company was mostly retail, and he sold more than hats. (One of the stories they were told was about his going to the prisons to sell wholesale underwear.) By that time, he and Lillie were living on Tilghman Street in Allentown.

They were the parents of one child, Henry Harter Fetterman, M.D.

Henry was one of the founders of Union Bank and Trust. Today, this is part of Wachovia, and he served until mandatory retirement age. Although they lived on Tilghman Street, they spent every winter in Whittier, CA, for most of their son’s childhood until Lillie passed away.

Standing by Lillie’s headstone is a marker that reads “Daughters of the American Revolution.”

Picture documented on September 14, 2003.