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Jacob Rolandus Fetterman
January 29, 1861 - August 19, 1910
Martha J. Rider Fetterman
June 15, 1867 - Unknown

Lewis Orval Fetterman
January 1890 - 1929

Clyde S. Fetterman
1892 - 1893

Esther E. Fetterman
August 26, 1895 - December 28, 1970

New Rosemont Cemetery, Espy, PA

Jacob Rolandus Fetterman
Martha J. Rider Fetterman

Jacob “Rolandus” was the youngest of six children born to Mary Levan and John Fetterman. He married Martha J. Rider, daughter of Esther and Lloyd Rider of Hemlock Township, Columbia County, PA, on September 24, 1887. When his father died in 1894, they were living in Fernville, Hemlock Township. At that time, Rolandus was making his living as a wheelright. Three children were born of this marriage:Clyde S. Fetterman

  1. Lewis Orval (January 1890 - about February 1929);
  2. Clyde S. (about 1892 - 1893); and
  3. Esther E. (August 26, 1895 - December 28, 1970).

Clyde was just a baby when he died, and as you can see, the writing on his headstone is almost illegible. He was born around 1892 and died sometime in 1893.

By 1910, Jacob was no longer working, and they were still living in Hemlock Township where they owned their home. In 1920, Martha was still in her home, and Orval was working as a clerk in a shoe store. Esther was also living with her as was her widowed mother and two boarders.

According to the records of Columbia County, she was named administratrix of her son Orval’s estate in February 1929.

By 1930, Martha and Esther were still living together, and they had one boarder living in the home. Esther never married, and at the time of her death, she was a member of the United Methodist Church in Fernville, and the Friendship Sunday School class. Martha’s headstone has sunk into the ground, so I could not get her date of death off of the stone. They are all buried together and there is one larger monument there that just has the name Fetterman on it.

Lewis Orval Fetterman
Esther Fetterman

Pictures of headstones were taken June 1, 2004.