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Dora C. Fetterman
November 29, 1877 - June 3, 1926

Pomfret Manor Cemetery, Sunbury, PA

Fetterman Monument

Dora C. Fetterman, November 29, 1877 - June 3, 1926

Dora C. Fetterman was born November 29, 1877, in Lower Augusta Township, Northumberland County, PA, the second daughter and one of six children born to Mary Ellen Keiser and Daniel Fetterman.

Dora never married, and she worked as a weaver in a silk mill in Sunbury throughout her adult life. In 1900, she was boarding at the home of Henry N. and Savina Shipe at 116 10th Street in Sunbury. In 1910, she was boarding in the home of William C. and Mary E. Neidig at 604 Market Street. In 1920, she and her youngest sister Myra were boarding in the home of Donnizetti McCarty, a widow, at 40 South 7th Street. I make note here that the initial on her plaque reads "C," but on the various census images I found, her middle initial was listed as "G."

Also buried with Dora are the following women: June Wilson Pollard and Sue S. Lewis.

June Wilson Pollard
1872 - 1926

Sue S. Ortz Lewis
1897 - 1926

June Wilson Pollard, 1872 - 1926Sue S.., wife of Clare L. Lewis, 1897 - 1926

I searched the censuses and found June Pollard in the 1910 census for Sunbury, age 41, and widowed with four children: Laura Cromely, age 20, Clifton Ortz, age 15, Susie Ortz, age 13, and Virginia Pollard, age 9. At this time, Virginia was working in her rented home at 617 Woodlawn Avenue as a baker. In 1920, she was no longer working and she was now living at 346 Chestnut Street in Sunbury with her daughter Laura Baker, who was widowed at this time and her youngest daughter Virginia Pollard. I did further searches for her children in the 1900 census, but came up with nothing at all, and I searched for each of them using first names only. Her son Clifton did not show up in any other censuses nor in any military records or the SSDI.

Because the plaque of Sue S. lists her as the wife of Clare L. Lewis, I went on and did a search for Clare Lewis. Her husband was Clare LeRoy Lewis, born June 8, 1896, in Shamokin, PA to Sallie E. and Charles R. Lewis, a farmer, of Paxinos, Northumberland County, PA. Clare registered for the World War I draft June 5, 1918, and at the time of his registration, he was single and resided at 119 Julia Street in Sunbury, where he worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

In 1920, he appeared in the census with his wife Sue S., and daughter June, one month old. At this time, they resided in an apartment at 1141 Susquehanna Avenue, and Clare worked as a clerk for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

By 1930, Clare was remarried to the former Jessie M. Furman. Clare died Jan 1967 in Williamsport, Lycoming County, PA.

As of this writing, I have found no evidence that June Wilson Pollard and Sue S. Lewis were related to Dora, and it may be that she had been friends with June’s daughter Laura, as they both worked in the silk mills. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who might have further information on the lives of these women.

Pictures taken June 24, 2006.