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Joshua Albert Seutter
March 3, 1994 - May 7, 2008

Colonial Grove Memorial Park, Virginia Beach, VA

Joshua Albert Seutter
Plaque from Joshua's friend Briar

Joshua Albert SeutterJoshua Albert Seutter, an eleventh-generation descendant of Balthasar Fetterman, was born March 3, 1994, in Virginia Beach, VA, the third child and youngest son of Ruth Ann Brown and Ralph Edward Seutter. He came into this world just eleven months before his grandfather Robert Thomas Brown passed away after a valiant battle with lymphoma cancer.

Joshua was an eighth-grade student at Princess Anne Middle School where he was a percussionist in the school band. He was a member of Boy Scout Troop No. 007 in Virginia Beach. He was very active as a member of Beach Fellowship Church in Virginia Beach, and his hero on was listed as “God.”

As a very young child, Joshua loved building complex “works of art” with Lego’s, and it was his aspiration to own his own company and be a builder of “very big things.” As his brother described, he built a crane with the Lego’s that he used to feed himself peas. He was just beginning to come into his own with much love, laughter, and quick wit. He was kind to all he met and was helpful to anyone who needed it, being quick to offer praise and encouragement. His favorite saying was “Wouldn’t it be great if everyone lived a little everyday!!!”

Josh went to bed as usual on a school night and simply did not wake up on May 7, 2008—but to think he laid down to rest, and he awoke in heaven—aged 14 years, two months, and two days.

A viewing was held on Mother’s Day from 3-6:30 p.m.; it ended six and a half hours later with over 400 hundred people who came to pay respects to the family. One of the guidance counselors from Joshua’s school came to see this child that everyone talked so highly of and wrote the most awesome things about. Joshua impacted everyone he met.

Joshua Albert SeutterJoshua was buried May 12, 2008. The church held a celebration of his life before the burial, and it could not hold everyone that came to attend his funeral. As his pastor stated, he had a short life—big impact!

In the deepest midst of their grief, my niece and her husband were so generous to donate Joshua’s organs and the skin from his back to help a severely burned person. Seven lives were saved through this donation, and he now lives on in others.

The night following the funeral, his school put on a concert in honor of Joshua with his drums sitting there and his uniform. Posters were hanging everywhere. The band scholarship was changed to the Joshua Seutter Scholarship Fund. And the neighborhood library will sponsor a month every year in his honor.

As of this writing, we do not know what caused Joshua’s early death. Hopefully in three to four months when they finish with all the toxicology tests, they will answer the why’s. As of now, it shows he died of natural causes. We do know that when you are born, God sends you on a job, and when you have completed that task, He then calls you home. We feel this is what happened with our beloved Joshua.

Picture documented May 2008.