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The Family of Marie C. Fetterman Patterson Welcome to our website. This is a family site for Fettermans and all things related. Here you will find a history of Marie C. Fetterman Patterson, one descendant of Balthasar Fetterman, as well as memories of growing up in Centralia, Pennsylvania, by Robert Keller Fetterman. Centralia, Pennsylvania Remembered by Robert Keller Fetterman

Tracing Our Family Roots is dedicated to genealogy, and here you will find many graves of our ancestors and related families as well as an Index of Wills and Letters of Administrations for Columbia and Lehigh Counties, Pennsylvania, early directories of Allentown, PA, that include information on our Fetterman ancestors, and various other information that may be useful in your research. There are also pictures of our Fetterman family included here that have not been included in the history of Marie C. Fetterman Patterson. The newest section here, The Family of Heinrich Gernhardt & Anna Rosine Fetterman, includes information that was omitted from the Anniversary History of Lehigh Valley, accounts of war, personal family accounts and musings, and more pictures of our Fetterman/Gernhardt ancestors. Almost all of the information contained in this section was gleaned from the book, Heinrich Gernhardt and His Descendants, written by Jeremiah M. M. Gernerd and published in 1904. Sole credit is to be given to him for this very important genealogical book and section. And lastly, there is a fun site called Weesie's Place by the creator of this website.

As a Fetterman or a relation to one, should you want to add a page or two, feel free to contact me.

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Tracing Our Family Roots Weesie's Place The Family of Heinrich Gernhardt & Anna Rosine Fetterman - Coming Soon!
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