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What follows below are pictures of some of our Fetterman ancestors. To view other pictures of the family of Marie C. Fetterman Patterson and her Fetterman kin, you can visit her history page by clicking here.

Lafayette & Anna Moaria Fetterman, Marie Catherine Fetterman Patterson, and Charles Oscar & Jennie Toleatha Ressler Fetterman

Roger L. Fetterman, 1966 College Graduation Photo
Here are three generations of Fettermans (l-r): Lafayette and his wife Anna Moaria Keller Fetterman, their granddaughter Marie Catherine Fetterman Patterson, son Charles Oscar with his sister Kate Lindenmuth. This picture was taken circa 1910. Roger L. Fetterman was the son of Erma and Amos Dervin Fetterman. This is his college graduation picture. For a more complete biography on Roger, click here.
Clara Ann Kreisher and John Dervin Fetterman
Hannah Magdalene Fetterman

John Dervin Fetterman with his wife Clara Ann Kreisher Fetterman taken in the mid 1950’s just before Clara's death in 1957. John was a Columbia County farmer and life-long member of St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church congregation at Numidia. He and Clara were the parents of seven children—Rufus, Esther, Hannah, Martin, Bessie, Edna and Amos. Clara was the daughter (and 11th child) of David Kreisher and Mary M. Leiby. They were the grandparents of Roger L. Fetterman. You can view their headstone by clicking here.

Hannah Magdalene was the third child born to Clara Ann Kreisher and John Dervin Fetterman.This photo was taken in the late 1960's. She was an elementary school teacher in the Columbia County school system for her entire teaching career. She even taught her nephew Roger (above).
Centralia Miners
Hannah Leiby & Simon Fetterman
This undated photo of Centralia miners was found with Marie's other photos. There must be a Fetterman or two in the picture.
This is Simon Fetterman with the first of his three wives, the former Hannah Leiby. Eleven children were born of this marriage.
 Uriah Fetterman
Mary Zimmerman Reinbold and Simon Fetterman
Uriah Fetterman, son of Hannah Leiby and Simon Fetterman, was also known as Urias. He was married twice, first to Susannah Rarig and afterwards to Harriet Mensch Lutz. Simon Fetterman with his second wife, the former Mary Zimmerman Reinbold.
Uriah Fetterman with children Oscar, Emma Madora, Owen and Fred Fetterman
Mary (Polly) Leiby & Simon Fetterman
Urias Fetterman with his children (front) Oscar and Emma Madora, and (back) Owen and Fred. Simon Fetterman with his third wife, Mary Leiby, also known as Polly.
Isaac Fetterman, July 30, 1849 - October 7, 1917
Sarah Longenberger Fetterman - July 4, 1858 - August 1949
Isaac Fetterman (July 30, 1849 - October 7, 1917) was the fourth child born to Hannah Leiby and Simon Fetterman.
Sarah Longenberger (July 4, 1858 - August 1949) was the wife of Isaac Fetterman.
Mary Alice Fetterman, born August 1, 1880, and Edith May Fetterman, born June 18, 1885
William Wallace Fetterman, March 26, 1882 - January 29, 1915

On the left, Mary Alice (b. August 1, 1880) was the oldest daughter of Sarah Longenberger and Isaac Fetterman. She married Charles E. Rhoades, and seven children were born of this marriage.

On the right, Edith May (b. June 18, 1885) was the third child born to Sarah Longenberger and Isaac Fetterman. She married Harvey Koons, and two children were born of this marriage.

William Wallace (March 26, 1882 - January 29, 1915) was the third son born to Sarah Longenberger and Isaac Fetterman. You can read more about William Wallace by clicking here.
William Wallace Fetterman, Blackwood Mine, ca. 1907
William Wallace and wife Rebecca Jane Weller with son Isaac Thomas Fetterman
William Wallace Fetterman (bottom right) working at the Blackwood Mine about 1907. William Wallace Fetterman and his wife Rebecca Jane Weller with their first-born son Isaac Thomas Fetterman.
Rebecca Jane Weller Fetterman with sons Isaac Thomas (rear) and Earl Fetterman (front)
Rebecca Jane Weller with sons Isaac Thomas (June 27, 1902 - December 7, 1962) behind his brother Earl Fetterman (April 18, 1912 - October 1987). Marshall Monroe Fetterman (December 20, 1889 - April 1966) was the fourth child born to Sarah Longenberger and Isaac Fetterman. He married the former Ada P. Long.
Isaac Thomas Fetterman and two of his grandchildren about 1956
Wanda Edwards Fetterman, August 28, 1904 - November 13, 1988
This picture was taken about 1956 of Isaac Thomas Fetterman with two of his grandchildren.
Wanda Edwards (August 28, 1904 - November 13, 1988) of Pottsville, PA, married Isaac Thomas Fetterman.
Richard Wallace Fetterman, February 5, 1927 - August 8, 1976
Richard Wallace Fetterman (February 5, 1927 - August 8, 1976) was the only child born to Wanda Edwards and Isaac Thomas Fetterman. After World War II, Richard attended college on the G.I. Bill. After graduating from Penn State, he left Pottsville and settled in the Central New York area teaching school first at Watkins Glen, NY.
Grace Fetterman (Schearer) and Helen (Fetterman) Burkert, daughters of Ada Long and Marshall Monroe Fetterman
Ada (Long) Fetterman (wife of Marshall Monroe Fetterman) and sister Evelyn (Long) Perry
Above are Grace and Helen, two of eight children born to Ada P. Long and Marshall Monroe Fetterman. Ada and Marshall settled in Laureldale, Berks County, PA, where they raised their family.
If you would like to add pictures of your Fetterman relatives, please email them to me in as high a .jpg format as possible. Be sure to include the information for the pictures you would like posted. Where necessary, I will make restoration of the photos and return a good copy to you at no charge.

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