Facts About Weesie

Eloise, aka Weesie, had a book written about her that was published in 1953 when Weesie was just two years old. The main character of course is Eloise, who as a six-year-old child lived in the Plaza Hotel in New York City. I think she was modeled after me as she was and continues to be a very precocious person.

She also had a doll made in her image by the Madame Alexander® Doll Company in 1999. In this picture she is a cloth doll, but she can also be acquired as a figurine, a porcelain box, an 8" doll, a snow globe, and Christmas ornaments. Her figure is based on her book character and all related trademarks of her belong to the estate of Kay Thompson, the author of the book.

As of this writing in addition to the picture above, Weesie has acquired three dolls, two books, a board game, a lunchbox, a bookmarker, a pocketbook, and the Christmas stocking.

After four years, my side business finally took off, and I had a few fairly successful years. I also decided to redecorate my home and had the downstairs painted and added a new living room set. I was very busy working in both the new and the old.

Inbetween all this, I managed to attend classes and received certifications in both Web Authoring and Web Graphics Design while continuing to work my full-time job. All this means is that I am certified to write and put up plain old web pages and beautiful graphics to go with them. I never could quite decide what I wanted to be when I grew up and have been attending college since 1973. It just goes to show that one is never too old to learn new things.

I chose to call this site Weesie's Place, as this is what I am called by all my great nieces and nephews and various other friends and relatives. I put these pages up because it is easier to direct people to a Website than it is to tell them how to download and save pictures—to mention nothing of the time it saves from emailing these pictures all over the place.

I hope you enjoy what I have done here, and please have some patience while all the pictures load. All of these pictures have been taken with an Olympus digital camera which I can't recommend highly enough. There is nothing better than instant gratification, and this camera certainly provides me with that.

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