Weesie's Boudoir

These are pictures I have taken of my "boudoir." The bedroom set I now have once belonged to my Great Uncle Charles Fetterman. I bought this set at my Aunt Mary's estate auction and had the pieces restored. This bedroom set has been classed as 1920's depression style. For some strange reason, I didn't recollect the set even though it was in my grandmother's house for many years, and I had originally intended to buy the bedroom set I always slept in when we vacationed at her house in the summers. However when I saw this set in the auction house, I fell in love with it and just had to have it.


Notice the very high headboard. The only thing missing is the footboard, as we were not able to adapt it to fit the queen-size mattress.

Below the bed and only partially seen is a seat which belonged to a dressing table. As the story goes, one of my great aunt's had the dressing table and refused to give it back to Uncle Charles. Oh, but for family feuds!

This of course is the bureau. It was very badly damaged on the top by a water leak from the roof, which the restorer was able to bring back to life. Even though it looks small in this picture, it holds all of my clothes very nicely. I was very intrigued by the mirror.

To the left of the mirror is a collection of nudes which had belonged to my friend Mae and actually fits in very nicely with my decor.


Here you see the dresser. I just love the originality of this piece and how very different it is from most old furniture that I have come across.

The top part of the dresser has two small drawers which holds all of Tom's papers that he had previously stored in the old nightstand.

Notice the flowers I draped across the top of the dresser.

Below is a picture of my rocking chair. This chair was made by my great-great Grandfather Jackson Kreider, a carpenter, in 1902 for my Grandfather Albert George, Sr. The chair was made from a spinning wheel. You can see part of the wheel underneath the seat and how nicely the wheel fits into the back of the chair. This is truly an original piece.

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