Weesie's Paradise

Welcome to my paradise. This is my back yard where I come home after work in the summers to chill out and get a life. After looking at these pictures, you can understand just why I call it "my paradise."

My Southern Magnolia tree. According to my gardening books, I planted this tree in the wrong place in my yard, where it is not protected by the winds. I guess you can tell I didn't have these books when I planted the tree. Despite the weather elements, it is surviving very nicely.

This is a close-up shot of one of the blooms. The smell of lemon that emanates from these blooms is to die for. If you look at Weesies Place, you will see a watercolor painting that my brother did of this very picture.

Southern Magnolia Blossom

When we moved here nine years ago, there was nothing in this yard other than grass. We started adding a few plants here and there and in 1993 added the pool. One of our requirements was that if we were going to an expense of this magnitude that we go all the way and put a pool in that could accommodate more than a few people, and this pool does just that. The size of the pool is 41 feet long by 20 feet wide, so you need at least 20 people to even start to feel crowded.

Swimming Pool

Notice the backdrop of the tall grasses and the woods behind the house. From the view of this shot, you would never imagine that a busy interstate highway lies just a mere 1/2 mile to the right.

Below is a picture of my bed of hibiscus bushes. They come up every year and start to bloom in late July. The colors of the flowers are magnificent and the size of the blooms are close to a foot each. You can see just how big they are against their surrounding leaves.
White and Pink Hibiscus
Red Hibiscus

This is a side shot of the pool with a lily bed that also contains liropes. Toward the end of the summer, the liropes get small grape-colored flowers.

We have also added a pelican into the bed. You can tell that we are a nautical family.

Further to the back you can see the tall grasses and daylilies.

Lily Bed
Dutch Iris
Swimming Pool

Above to the left is an up-close and personal shot of one of the Dutch Irises that bloom in early summer. Directly above are daylilies that I planted between the tall grasses. They have multiplied immensely since I first put them in the ground, and they stay blooming all through the summer. They make a very nice contrast against the woods.

Here is another shot of the pool. You can also see the yellow daylilies which I planted inbetween the tall grasses. We added the lighthouse this past year.

Directly below left is a picture of one of our amyrillises starting to bloom. Notice the vivid orange colors. Directly below is another amyrillis plant that blooms the most brilliant red colors. This plant always blooms toward the end of May and blooms only once in the season. You can tell that we have just removed the cover to the swimming pool.

The picture to the right is of the poolman, otherwise known as Weesie's husband Tom. Notice how much darker he is during the summer. We attribute this condition to his spending entirely too much time poolside while Weesie is hard at work!

The Pool Man


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