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The following pictures are of a dining room set that originally belonged to my maternal Grandmother Patterson. It naturally passed down to my spinster aunt when Granny passed away in 1975 as they had always lived together. This dining room set has been dated back to between 1900 and 1910. 

My dear aunt Mary passed away in September 1999 and was kind enough to have bequeathed this set to me. I am in the process of having different pieces restored as money permits.

Breakfront China

This is the breakfront china. In this picture, it shows a collection of end-of-day plates as well as a discontinued set of Mikasa Spring Magnolia china and various antique teacups and saucers. It is now filled with Lefton Americana Rose china most of the pictures acquired through Ebay and American Brilliant Cut Crystal. The china was manufactured from 1953 to 1971, and I have developed quite a passion for it.

The china and the end-of-day plates originally belonged to my dear friend Mae Parrish, who passed away July 2000. There were quite a few pieces missing to the set, but I have managed to locate them, and the set is now complete.

Wild wreath above the buffet

This is a wild wreath which is now hanging in the center of the greatroom. My sister Polly designed the wreath using recycled flowers that were originally on it and adding hydrangeas which had been in my front yard.

The server has been restored to its original finish. It had suffered some water damage to the top and side.

On top of the server is a collection of lighthouses. The lighthouses have been given to us by various people. Every time I try to get rid of the nautical pieces, someone gives us another!

Server in the foyer with collection of lighthouses and lamp

Lamp of old sailor carving a boat

Here is a picture of an old seaman lamp up close and personal. This particular lamp sold for $375 in J. C. Penney's in Charleston, South Carolina, and I made it for a grand total of $28. It has since found a new home with my nephew Todd.

This is the table which has both extension  leaves in it. While there were originally eight chairs to the set, there are now only six.

I arranged the flowers in a crystal vase (my sister Polly says I am finally getting better at flower arranging, but she is still the best).

Dining room table and chairs

Restored dining room chair

This chair was totally broken in the back panel and it also had a piece broken out of the top. Notice that it has been put back together and is almost unnoticeable where the places on it were repaired.

Credit is given to my oldest sister, Pat, for reupholstering the chairs in a very nice velour fabric. The batting was replaced and a thin layer of foam rubber was added to give the chairs a more comfortable seating. Since this picture was taken, we have recovered the chairs once again in a beautiful flamestitch print.

I took this photo of the menagerie sitting on top of the entertainment center. The painting is a watercolor that my brother Adrian did of a digital photo I sent him of one of my magnolia blossoms. He started another painting of this beautiful blossom but stopped because he felt he had achieved his best work the first time. Above the painting hangs a swag that my sister Polly also created for me a few years back

Southern Magnolia Blossom

Wall behind the entertainment center

I recently acquired the white and pink teapot from an antique shop in Lancaster, PA, as well as the rose candlestick holders sitting directly behind the pot. The crystal vase holding the tulips came from my dear friend Mae, who passed away in July 2000 from cancer.
Quilt front
Quilt back showing
Above are two pictures of a quilt that was hand made by my Great Aunt Josephine Fetterman. Her handiwork was just exquisite. It is a patchwork quilt made of different color velvets. The back of the quilt is made of tufted satin. All of the stitching was coming apart on this quilt when my mother received it. She patiently pulled all of the threading out and restitched it by hand. It is the last piece of handiwork she refinished, as she suffers from macular generation and has lost her ability to do this type of handiwork. The quilt has since found a new home at my sister Polly's house.

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