Christmas at Weesie's

A friend of mine suggested that I include a page on this site that shows my house at Christmas time. As Christmas is my favorite time of the year after summer, I jumped at her suggestion. There are actually five pages I have put up showing some—but not all—of what my house looks like at this very special time.

There was a period that I was heavily into the craft of ceramics, particularly using the drybrush method, so I have made a lot of my displays that I put out at Christmas time.

Nativity Scene
This first picture is of a large nativity scene that I drybrushed. Rather than making them all the same color scheme, I chose to diversify on the colors and have individuality for each piece. This was a fun set to do, and it took me about three weeks to complete the entire set. As you can see on the pictures below, I tried to get a more close-up shot of the pieces.
Nativity Scene closeup
Nativity Scene closeup
Using the drybrushing method, you first paint a figure entirely in one color. Then as you drybrush using stiff brushes, you dip the brush lightly into the color you are using and wipe most of the color onto a paper towel, leaving the brush almost dry. Whatever part isn't covered with color shows through with the background color. I started with this and most of my pieces being painted entirely black.

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