Christmas at Weesie's

I have called this page Odds and Ends because it shows a little of this and that.

Below left is a picture of a Christmas card. The story behind this particular card is that my brother is an artist in his spare time. For years, he hand-painted and hand-lettered each card that he sent out. Not knowing this, I always threw the cards away at the end of the season. This card was the last one he did by hand, so I framed it and put it on display. The sleigh sitting directly behind the card is another that I made and my sister filled with flowers.

Below to the right is a Christmas horse that my brother sent to me a few years back. He searched very hard to find one which would fit with my theme of cranberries and mauves.

This is a centerpiece that my sister made for my coffee table.

To the right is a matching wreath which this year is hanging directly behind the Christmas tree.

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